Q: Will my undergraduate financial aid be adjusted because the cost of housing/meal plan was reduced?

A: No, your financial aid will not be adjusted.

Q: Will my undergraduate financial aid be adjusted if I choose to live at home with my parents or family?

A: For students choosing to live with their parents or family, undergraduate need-based financial aid awards will be adjusted to reflect the fact that you will not be charged or pay rent for housing. Please contact your financial aid counselor if you feel your family’s circumstances require additional support.

Q: I can’t find a work study job – what can I do?

A: Undergraduate and transfer students should contact Student Financial Services. University College and graduate students should contact the appropriate aid office.

Q: My family’s financial circumstances have been impacted by COVID-19 and we need to increase our existing aid award or apply for need-based aid. What do I do?

A: If you have already received a financial aid award, share your information about changes in circumstances by submitting a Financial Aid Award Reconsideration Request.

A: If you didn’t qualify for financial aid in the past, but have experienced significant changes in your financial circumstances, we encourage you to apply for need-based aid by completing the Family Financial Profile and the FAFSA (School Code 002520).

Q: Will my undergraduate financial aid be adjusted if I move off campus to an apartment?

A: No, your undergraduate financial aid will not be adjusted.

Q: If I defer enrollment for a year and have need-based financial aid will I lose it?

A: In order to receive need-based aid for next year, students will need to complete a 2021-2022 CSS Profile and FAFSA. As long as your family’s financial circumstances remain similar, your financial aid will remain similar. 

Q: If I defer enrollment for a year and have a merit scholarship will I lose it?

A: No. You will not lose your merit scholarship if you decide to defer enrollment for a year. Your scholarship will show up on your financial aid award for the following year when you decide to enroll at WashU. 

Q: If I received a stipend through my scholarship program but live in another state will I still receive the stipend?

A: Yes. Your stipend will still apply if you live at home in another state while taking classes at WashU. The stipend is credited to your student account and a refund will be generated if the merit scholarship and stipend exceed the balance due on your student account.