Everyone’s financial situation is unique, and we’re here to make sure cost does not get in the way of an exceptional education.

Need-based assistance

Income is only one consideration used to determine eligibility for need-based financial assistance at WashU. Other factors include family size, number of children in college, private elementary and secondary tuition expenses, family assets, and more. Every family’s financial circumstances are different. At WashU we will work to understand your family’s financial circumstances through a personalized, student and family-focused approach. If you have questions about your individual situation please contact one of our counselors.

Washington University is committed to continuing to find new ways to provide students the resources they need to engage fully in academic and campus life. Learn about our innovative affordability initiatives.

Calculate your cost

Your expected family contribution is calculated by taking your financial assistance offer and scholarships and subtracting that from the total cost of attendance.

We encourage you to utilize our two cost calculators—both have been designed to give you an estimate of your family’s financial contribution to WashU. Each will ask you a series of questions, which will help determine the monetary value of your financial assistance award and scholarships.


This calculator asks six basic financial questions to provide you with a quick estimate of college costs, and works best for families with less complex financial situations.


Net Price Calculator

This calculator asks more in-depth questions to generate an estimate of your net price. The calculator takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Net Price Calculator

TYPES OF assistance

We meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for admitted students.

Once your eligibility for financial assistance is determined, we’ll provide you with a financial assistance offer. Offers range up to the full cost of attendance, including no-loan packages for all families.

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Personalized Support

Once you begin the application process, a financial assistance counselor will work individually with you to understand your unique circumstances and continue to support you throughout your undergraduate years.