Washington University billing statements are issued by the Student Accounting office each fall and spring semester.

For more information about billing statements and other Student Accounting topics, visit the Student Accounts website.

Half of your total university scholarships, federal or state grants, and student loans are applied to your fall semester billing statement and will appear on your August bill. The other half is applied to the spring semester billing statement and will appear on your December bill.  Students may view and pay billing statements online via WebSTAC.  Additionally, students can grant access to parents and other users to view bills, make payments, or select available payment options.

Methods of payment

Students can view billing statements, make payments, or select available payment options online via WebSTAC. Payments can also be made by check, an electronic funds transfer, or in person. Payment options are listed on the Financial Services website.

Outside scholarships

If you receive an outside scholarship from a private source (scholarship foundation, high school, parent’s employer, etc.) and have notified our office of the outside scholarship name and amount, you may subtract half of the scholarship amount from the balance due each semester on your university billing statement. You will receive credit toward your university charges once the university receives the funds from the awarding agency.

Federal Work-study earnings

If you have a Federal Work-Study job, your earnings are not applied to the charges on your bill. Instead, you will be paid every other week for hours worked. This income is typically used for ongoing expenses, such as transportation, recreation, or clothing.


If your financial assistance for the semester exceeds your university charges, you will receive the difference either by check or electronic funds transfer. Information on how to receive refunds is available on the Financial Services website.